A Michael Jackson Surprise.

This blog will NEVER turn into something where I post a video/song and talk about it for a paragraph and that’s it.


I stumbled upon a video the other day that has changed everything.

Trying to 1-up my friend Matt’s play of “It Ain’t My Fault”, I spontaneously typed in “James Brown” and “Michael Jackson”.

The top post was something I hadn’t seen before. Confused, embarrassed, and intrigued, I clicked on it.

All I’ll tell you is that it’s a James Brown concert, Michael Jackson is in the audience as a fan (looking cooler than ever), and then something happens.

This “something” is a week-changer.

Brace Yourself

The fact that Michael did this shows 1) his love and respect for his hero, James Brown and 2) the youthfulness that he had in his 20s, something that quickly went away as he got older.

It gets better with every watch. I’m at 320 views right now and i just noticed something I missed in the first 329. Let me know when you get there, we’ll talk about it.

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2 Responses to A Michael Jackson Surprise.

  1. Dereck A. says:

    Great, great find! 319 to go!

  2. It’s all about the sunglass removal pre-spin, swiftly put back in place while his back is to the audience. Prince was real mad at that!

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