Favor for a Favor.

After 3 days of walking around with a burner phone from the Wire, I knew it was time to at least attempt to procure an iPhone-like device.

I blast a tweet out wondering if anyone has an extra Iphone lying around that I could use and 2 minutes later, I get this:

And a day later, I had a iPhone. Simple as that.

I’m bringing this up for two reasons.

1) I wanted to publicly thank this man, Michael Feinberg (ATL, Paideia School, Class of 2005, most talented HS graduating class since THIS one), because this was a life saver.

2) Use this as an opportunity to return the favor by showing him some love.

Mr. Feinberg is a ridiculous bassist/composer and is two weeks away from making his BANDLEADER debut at the Blue Note Jazz Club in NYC.

Anyone that knows anything about Jazz/NYC venues understands that this is a huge deal.


The Michael Feinberg 6
The Blue Note (131 W. 3rd St.)
July 16th, Midnight-3am

Tickets & Table Reservation (If you’re tryin to get fancy with it) HERE

I’m going and will surely recruit a crew to accompany me. Get Involved. I highly recommend it if you’ve never been to the Blue Note.

Also (for the ATL/Paideia contingent out there), Daniel Platzman is playing with the MF6. Enough said.


p.s. 17 points for anyone who saw “Favor for a Favor” and knows what I’m referencing.

p.p.s. The “Points Game” has officially started today. If you somehow contact me with the answer that day, you get the points. First person to 1000 points gets the greatest prize ever.

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