I’m a Biter, Part. 1

One of my favorite Jay-Z lyrics is “I’m not a biter, I’m a writer for myself and others”, from What More Can I Say.

This does not apply to me. Not one bit.

HUGE BITER, this guy. Me…original? Not a chance.

The thing is, I’ve always known this about myself. I’ve always known that my personality entire being was just collection of other people’s beings smushed into one person.

Over my 24 years, especially when I was younger, I’d see someone I thought was cool/notice something about someone and would begin to develop those traits (or at least fail in attempting to). I can’t think of one thing I’ve ever just thought of independently. Not one. It’s all inspired by others. Oops.

The thing is, I’m completely okay with this. They weren’t conscious steals, most I realized after the fact. I never sat at home and practiced talking/acting/dancing/speaking/behaving like anyone, the mannerisms, speech patterns, clothing choices, beliefs, etc. just began to happen. They effectively seeped into my subconscious and probably will never leave.

The following is essentially me citing my sources.

(Click To Enlarge)

This is “I’m a Biter, Part 1” because I’m going to let this sit for a day. Marinate on this. Tomorrow, I will explain each in detail. Probably too much detail. For now, just ponder over this pie chart. It seems semi-ridiculous, but I assure you this is probably the most accurate self-reflective activity I’ve ever done and it couldn’t be more accurate.

Part 2 to come tomorrow. Do come back, will you not?

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2 Responses to I’m a Biter, Part. 1

  1. Evan says:

    According to your pie chart you bit 25% from the Fresh Prince, 4% from Will Smith and 1% from Carlton Banks. So based on my math that means you stole 30% (almost 1/3) of your persona from Will Smith and his related activities!?!

    Therefore, the king of summer alien movies has had as much of an impact on you as Dave Chappelle, Malcolm X, Michael Jackson, and Andre 3000 combined!?! Or, is roughly equal to every other influence I haven’t yet mentioned… combined.

    I know how much you love Big Willy, but lets not give him too much credit…

    Also would like to point out that both Jay-Z and EJ Jackson were snubbed from your list. Not cool. I would also like to think that I deserve at least .01% of something. Come on now.

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