How To Accidentally Win.

Step 1 – Accidentally show up at the same event as the former mayor.
Step 2 – Accidentally go to the same small session as the mayor.
Step 3 – Accidentally choose a table that no one else wanted to sit at, causing her to sit next to you.
Step 4 – Have her get a phone call at the beginning of the session, causing her to miss the entire part about Atlanta.
Step 5 – Take two sets of notes and decide to put the (neater) set on her chair.
Step 6 – Sign your name and where you went to high school (which happens to be where her child went).
Step 7 – Have her return, read the note, be grateful, and smile.
Step 8 – Watch her pull out her stack of biz cards and give you one.
Step 9 – Pass notes throughout the meeting.
Step 10 – Talk after the meeting and arrange a time to meet and talk upon my return to Atlanta.

Game. Set. Match.

Thanks for playing. 

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