Tarantino, Bless You.

You’re telling me that the emo wimp from Titanic, that Black guy that has no control over his voice, the dude from Waterworld, the Jew Hunter, Wanda from In Living Color, and the girl with the most beautiful fivehead forehead in the world are all in the same movie… about a revenge-seeking slave looking to rescue his wife from a plantation owner?

I can’t breathe. This is too good. Where am I?

New Batman? Don’t care.
Smurfs Movie? Over it.
Madea’s Precious Diary of a Bad Colored Married Girl Doing Bad All by Herself, Too? I’ll pass.

This is officially the only movie that matters.

I really need Tarantino to push this movie up ASAP, seeing as that it comes out 4 days after the world ends.

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1 Response to Tarantino, Bless You.

  1. magz says:

    Intensely disappointed that he wasn’t able to get Mr. Smith on this

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