Big Boy Show.

It’s nice to be into a music group and watch them play in larger and more legitimate venues as time goes on. It means they are doing something right.

It’s also nice to be friends with those people.

This Sunday, my friends Andy, Kozza, and Jason that make up Andy Suzuki & The Method are headlining a show at SOB’s, one of the most legendary and awesome music venues in New York City.

Kanye, Aubrey, CuDi, Badu and many others have graced the stage during the height of their respective careers.

Last time I saw The Method, this went down.

Yeah. That happened. Epic. Can’t wait for Sunday. 

Sunday, July 31st
SOB’s (Varick and Houston)
$15 (BUY HERE)

It will sell out, so I advise you to act accordingly and buy now.


1st person to comment on this post saying they want to go gets a FREE ticket & a +1.

That just happened.


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