Bane of My Existence: #1

I decided that every now and then, I’m going to briefly discuss something (sometimes a person, often times a place, usually a thing) that has been (and continues to be) the bane of my existence.

The inaugural noun:

I saw one in someones car the other day and it reminded me how this is easily the most frustrating device in the history of technology.

The iTrip, used to play music from the iPod through the radio, does whatever it wants. If it wants to play your song, it will, and if it’s not a fan, good luck trying to hear anything outside of static.

True story, once in order for the song to sound clear, I had to pull a maneuver from the movie Speed. You know the part when they are looping the video to the bad guy so he can’t tell they are getting people off of the bus. And the people have to cross that plank while the two buses are going 55+ miles per hour?

Well, in order to hear “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls, I had to stand on the middle of that plank. Once I got to the middle of the plank and my driver told me the song was coming in perfectly, I immediately realized how poor of a plan it was for me, seeing as that I couldn’t hear the music.

I hate you, iTrip.

Had these never been made, and was stuck with the iTrip as my only option, who knows what my emotional state would be:

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