1 Plug for Me, 1 Plug for Not Me

Me first, obviously.

I’m back on the Twitters.

After accidentally deactivating my account and spending a month trying to love Google+, I gave in and registered a new account.


If you immediately recognize this as a shoutout to your favorite dog mimicker’s favorite dog mimicker, DMX, than 2 points for you.

RIP to @rembertbrowne. We had a good run. Trying to get back to my old stats by dusk.

Enough of that.



What could have been. I still hate you, Johnny.

Thursday, August 4, 2011
Bowery Ballroom

If you like good music
If you like rock music
If you like to dance and be around people that like do dance
If you like it when a keyboardist stands up every now and then to punish his keys like his life depends on it

You’ll love Filligar

Afterparty Details:

Loft b/t 1st & 12th ave, Canal & 125th St.
Bring school IDs

Hope to see many a familiar and unfamiliar face at the show.

About Rembert Browne

NYC via ATL //// rembert.browne@gmail.com 500daysasunder.wordpress.com
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