Atlanta: Present and Future

In the past 10 minutes, two friends of mine have sent me things about Atlanta that have made my heart skip a beat.

1) From Matthew: Being There: Atlanta, The Economist, Summer 2011.

Dave Chappelle made a joke once that White people didn’t believe that racial profiling ACTUALLY happened until they ran a story about it in Newsweek.

A similar thing might take place with regards to non-Atlantans finally believing that Atlanta is the greatest place on Earth, since the Economist said so.

Best lines:

“From London and New York I learned to be quick and often brusque in my daily encounters with strangers—cashiers, bus drivers and the like. That does not fly in Atlanta, where civility implies at least a few seconds of courtesy time.”

“Better to treat the perimeter as a national border, and cross it only on trips abroad.”

“Atlantans divide the area into “ITP” and “OTP”—Inside the Perimeter and Outside the Perimeter, the highway that rings the city and its closest suburbs. Most of the area’s population is O; most of its charms are decidedly I.”

“New York is thrilling, Hong Kong a marvel of density, Moscow the closest a city can get to a cocaine level of jitteriness and excitement, London endless: I love all four places, but I would never describe them as pleasant. They are none of them as comfortable and human-scaled as Atlanta”

2) From Bradley:

I’ve yet to figure out where this is from, who made this, and if this will ever become a reality, but even the delusional thought of it occurring in my lifetime has mounted a smile on my face that will not soon leave.

It’s like… a real city.


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3 Responses to Atlanta: Present and Future

  1. Evan M. Rose says:

    That subway would be so money. When I lived there I had to take the bus from Emory to Decatur Station then the subway to 5 Points then another subway to Dunwoody and then walk a mile to work. Needless to say…it was super-emo.

  2. Cat says:

    Looks like it’s a projection from the Atlanta Regional Commission’s “Concept 3” project in 2008 – blend of heavy rail, light rail, streetcars, rapid bus, and rail connections to Athens, Senoia, Madison, etc. Depressing.

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