Horrible Conversation Starter

Item: Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Blue Tank Top
August 20, 2011
Worth to Me:

Actual Conversation

Guy: Hey man, you work at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi?
Me: (stare at him, puzzled)
Guy: (points at shirt, excitedly)
Me: (Realize what I’m wearing) Oh this, naw man. I picked this up at Salvation Army like two hours ago. Wearing it out in hopes I won’t get into the bars so I can go home and go to sleep.
Guy: (stares at me, puzzled)
Me: I never worked there.
Guy: I did.
Me: Cool man.
Guy: I should go.
Me: Okay, bye now.

Length of conversation in my head: 4 hours.
Actual length of conversation: 15 seconds.

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