Seconds Away — Young Scolla

Earlier in 2011, I remember getting an email from my lifelong friends Mike and Blake (of SMKA) about donating to project they were working on.

Myself, along with 120 others (one of which was my mom) helped them raise $4,500, easily exceeding their targeted mark, and last week the project (which was an album) was released.

The project:

I remember getting a call from Mike during the fundraising process, asking me if I’d help update and re-write Scolla’s bio. I assumed this just meant reading the old one and sprucing it up. Instead, what took place was an hour long conversation between Scolla and I, with him telling me about his entire life, from his Cameroonian roots to his love for Detroit to his inspirations in life.

I was impressed, I was thrilled to help, and I was excited to see the final result.

Last week, I listened to the album from front to back and couldn’t believe my ears. It’s unbelievable. An achievement for Scolla as a rapper and singer and an achievement for SMKA as a powerhouse production team.

It’s been wonderful to see the album pop up on most music blogs I follow. If you haven’t heard it already, I urge you to give it a listen. Not for Scolla’s sake, but for your own.

Album HERE

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