Cameos For Days

When I’ve been asked to be someone’s music video, they don’t have to explain what it is they want from me.

I know. We all know. 2 Reasons.

-Reason 1: High booty. It’s an evolutionary advancement that i’m sure your bloodline won’t be blessed with for generations.

-Reason 2: Dedication. Unparalleled.

As the years have gone by, my booty has gotten higher and my dedication towards my friend’s projects has grown stronger.


2009: “Caddys” — SMKA feat. Aleon Craft, Young Trimm & Gripplyaz
Shot by Motion Family

Cameos: 1 (2:18). Amount of Screen Time: 1.2 seconds.

Facial expression — perfect, as well as the way I entered and left the screen effortlessly. You can’t teach that. That’s just called being from Atlanta. Having said that, 1.2 seconds is a borderline-embarrasing amount of time to be in a music video.

2010: “A Different World” – Aleon Craft (Prod. by SMKA)
Shot by Dustin Chambers

Cameos: 7. Amount of Screen Time: 9.4 seconds.

Why is it blurry, you ask? Even though Dustin has some of the best equipment known to man, it’s impossible to capture in a screenshot the speed at which I flew down that slip n slide. Impossible.

2011: “Someone like You” – Andy Suzuki and the Method (Adele Cover)
Shot by Jeremy Kotin

Cameos: I AM THIS VIDEO. Amount of Screen Time: INFINITY

The story behind this video: They arranged a video shoot on the roof of Andy’s building some time in advance. The day of the shoot, there was a monsoon. They figured it would be a disaster, but tried it anyway. In order for this beautiful video to be made however, the artists needed cover.

Enter, UMBRELLA SQUAD. Yes. We saved the day. No big deal. Standing in the rain holding two surprisingly heavy umbrellas. Dedication, people.

In all seriousness, though, this video just came out a few days ago and it looks beautiful and they sound even better.

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1 Response to Cameos For Days

  1. James says:

    Aleon Craft aka Big Marc?? To think, he used to be rapping with Nas and Bun B in his Da Backwudz days.

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