Glen and Sarah: How It Went Down

The 3-Point Shot Heard Around The World:

Glen Rice hooked up with Sarah Palin in 1987.

Nothing about this headline surprises me. Nothing.

I was only caught off guard because I was certain she would have picked someone else.



List by Rembert Browne, Sept 2., 2009

1. Cedric Ceballos
2. Blue Edwards
3. Clarence Witherspoon
4. Hersey Hawkins
5. Vin Baker
6. Glen Rice
7. Harold Miner
8. Chuck Person
9. Raiden
10. Wayman Tisdale
11. Pooh Richardson
12. Sean Elliott
13. LaPhonso Ellis
14. Hersey Hawkins
15. Terry Mills

The big question on my mind isn’t why it happened, when it happened, or how it happened.

What did they talk about? — That’s ALL anyone should be concerned about.

Here’s my guess:

(After the Michigan Game)

Sarah: Hey Glen, I’m Sarah. Tough loss today.
Glen: Where am I?
Sarah: This is Alaska, Glen. Alaska, America.
Glen: I like your hair.
Sarah: Oh thank you, Glen.
Glen: Big White girl hair.
Sarah: I guess you could say so.
Glen: Is there a Red Lobster around here? I want some shrimp scampi.
Sarah: Yes, but let’s order some delivery…
Glen: I want Red Lobster.
Sarah: Okay. Take my keys, go straight to my house. Don’t stop anywhere else. I’ll pick up some food.
Glen: You don’t want to be seen out with me, do you?
Sarah: No
Glen: That’s fine. Meet you at the crib, girl. I’m staying over, too. And if you say no, I’m robbing you.
Sarah: See you at the house, Glen.

I’m 95% sure this is 10% accurate.

If you’re still skeptical about how it went down, listen to Glen get interviewed.

You’ll understand.


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2 Responses to Glen and Sarah: How It Went Down

  1. DPS says:

    Fashion was so on its head in the 1980s that Craig Sager’s tie matches his jacket in a very modest, monochrome grey.

  2. Antonio says:

    Funny how things come full circle……”surprise nominations at political conventions”

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