Troy Anthony Davis — convicted of shooting and killing police officer Mark McPhail. Claims innocence.

Lawrence Brewer — convicted of fastening James Byrd, Jr. to the back of a pick up truck, dragging him behind the truck along an asphalt road, and dumping his remains outside of a Black church and cemetary. Claims he would do it again.

Two men. Both to be executed in less than an hour.

Family Responses

“There is no doubt in my mind,” MacPhail’s mother, Anneliese MacPhail, said when asked if she thought Davis was guilty. If Davis’ execution is carried out as planned, “I guess justice will be done and that’s what we were fighting for.” – AJC

“You can’t fight murder with murder,” Ross Byrd, 32, told Reuters late Tuesday. “Life in prison would have been fine. I know he can’t hurt my daddy anymore. I wish the state would take in mind that this isn’t what we want.” – The Root

I just hope something happens in the next 31 minutes.

If not, this evening will be a very sad moment for America.

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1 Response to 7:00pm

  1. jaivawms says:

    Very Sad day in America indeed. Our system needs work.

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