The Internet — 13 years and Counting

This image means everything to me:

As does this one:

Yep, this one too:

I been on the internet. AOL 3.0 was my GIRL.

Anyway, someone bet me the other day that there was no record of myself on the internet prior to 2000. I obviously said that I’ve BEEN on the internet and took the bet, but wasn’t positive that I was right.

The next day, I did some “rembert browne” investigatory internet research and look what I found:

February 2, ’99, son. Boys 12 and under singles. TENNIS. #46 in Georgia. SERVED (pun)

Sure I was no #5 Scoville Jenkins (shout out to black ATL tennis), but hey… 29-16 isn’t too shabby.

13 years on the internet and counting. I love this place.

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2 Responses to The Internet — 13 years and Counting

  1. Edgar says:

    Riverdale… eh? Been back lately? It just ain’t the same. They closed the Publix, the Ingles, re-did the Krispy Kreme and even shut down the Lowe’s last month. Drew High School opened, splitting RHS in two. All the kids still hang out at Southlake or Fayette Pavilion…

    I’ve been reading this blog under the assumption that you are from Atlanta. Don’t be ashamed of those southside roots. I’m not ashamed of mine. You and I both know there is a big difference between the southside burbs and Atlanta.

  2. Alvin Owusu says:

    C’mon, man. If you’re gonna shout out Sco’ (what up KSU men’s tennis team?!?) then don’t forget about Travis Owusu and Terry “snap-back” Richardson. You took me back with this one.

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