This is the happiest kid on earth. Happy 25th, Mr. Suzuki

Shout out to Kelly for making a baller cake and Matt for eating the biggest piece.

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3 Responses to BURFDAY CAKE

  1. Edgar says:

    Riverdale… eh? Been back lately? It just ain’t the same. They closed the Publix, the Ingles, re-did the Krispy Kreme and even shut down the Lowe’s last month. Drew High School opened, splitting RHS in two. All the kids still hang out at Southlake or Fayette Pavilion…

    I’ve been reading this blog under the assumption that you are from Atlanta. Don’t be ashamed of those southside roots. I’m not ashamed of mine. You and I both know there is a big difference between the southside burbs and Atlanta.

    • Yeah. Was in Riverdale from 11-14.

      And yes. trust me, after that daily Old National Highway commute everyday to midtown ATL for school, i quickly realized southside burbs were very diff than ATL.

      Def from Atlanta, but for perspectives sake, I’m glad I spent some years in Riverdale, Jonesboro, and Fayetteville.

      Also, that Ingles was the spot. diagonal from Holyfield. I can’t believe they closed it. That’s terrorism.

      • Edgar says:

        Would you believe they turned that Ingles into a night club. I’m serious. The one down 85 toward Fayetteville closed to, but they replaced it with a CitiTrends.

        http://www.clubritzatl.com/ (click on contact to see the map)

        I grew up in Jonesboro and Fayetteville and went to those public schools… but I live in the city now.

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