The Black Corner

The Black Corner.

If you don’t have a Black corner in your apartment, you aren’t living.

I don’t even have a bed yet, but I have a Black Corner. That’s how serious I am about the Black Corner.

Get one, ASAP.

A common, unfortunate belief about the Black corner is that you have to be Black to have a Black corner. You MOST CERTAINLY do not have to be Black to have a Black Corner. Trust me.

Want to get involved, but a little confused about how to go about creating a Black Corner? Here are 3 tips to follow.

1) A Black Corner is a celebration of famous/influential Black people. This should not be confused with a corner filled with pictures of your 4 Black friends. That’s a racist corner (which is a completely acceptable corner to have in your room. But call it what it is, that being a racist corner).

2) A Black Corner must take up wall space and floor space. Anyone can put something on their wall, but to put something in place that takes up wall and floor space is a commitment and shows that your Black Corner is as important to you as any piece of furniture or art in your room.

3) Choose the items of your Black Corner carefully and always be prepared to discuss why you chose the items in question. For instance, someone asked me “Why Whitney” and picked up the record. My answer: “If you ever touch my Whitney Houston album again with asking permission, I’ll break your face. Now what was your question?”

Have a Black Corner? Plan on making one ASAP? Email with a picture of yours by Thursday at 10pm and tell me if you are Black, Jewish, or other in the email.

All submissions will be posted and ranked on Friday, with the winner getting a pretty awesome prize.


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5 Responses to The Black Corner

  1. Your Favorite Scholar's Favorite Scholar says:

    If my corner was delectably ignorant, do I still qualify for the prize?

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  4. you’ve inspired the creation of a brown corner in my home. thank you.

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