In Support of Devin Friedman

In the Oct. 2011 GQ, writer Devin Friedman wrote an unbelievable article about Rick Ross.

After reading it, the star of the article isn’t Ross, but instead it’s Friedman. I dream of the chance to write about someone as ridiculous as the Bawse and stringing together words in the way he does here. Things as simple as:

Today he’s still the Boss. Or, as he says it, the Bawse. He also calls himself Rozay and often refers to himself as a don.

He could have written that like this:

Today he’s still the Boss (or the Bawse, or Rozay, or simply “a don”)

But he didn’t, because splitting that into 3 simple sentences is hilarious.

The passage of the article that has gotten the most attention is the part when Rawse learns of the Anthony Weiner scandal, for the first time. His expectedly crude response to learning of Weiner’s troubles:

“Chicks send me pictures,” Ross said. “And I appreciate it! I love all of them. But I don’t do that shit. I’m the Boss.” He shook his head, his expression hidden behind his candy-apple-red-framed aviator sunglasses. “Real niggas don’t send dick flicks.”

And in a way Rick Ross was right. Anthony Weiner wanted to live like a boss, though he couldn’t admit it to anyone. And that shame was part of the reason he wasn’t acting like a boss.

And then Friedman concluded this segment with this line:

Anthony Weiner is not a real nigga, and I think he understands his mistake now.

This last line has become a controversial one, because 1) Friedman is not Black and 2) Friedman used “nigga” in the first person, meaning those are his own thoughts and he’s not simply quoting Mr. Rozay like before. I’ve seen multiple online outlets say that he isn’t allowed to use the word and that it’s offensive and out of place.

Well, since everyone gets their opinion on the matter, I’m figure I’d add in my two cents, which is my belief that he had no choice but to go there. There’s NOTHING else he could have wrapped that up with. What, are Black people only supposed to interview Black rappers? The answer to that is thankfully no, and had Friedman not thrown in that line, the article wouldn’t be as epic as it is.

It’s almost as if Friedman was writing with the thought, “if Rick Ross was writing an article for GQ about Anthony Weiner, what would he say?” Answer:

Anthony Weiner is not a real nigga, and I think he understands his mistake now.

Bravo, sir. You went there, probably knowing you’d meet some criticism, and I’m really happy you did. If you ever do a dramatic reading of this piece, let me know.

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