Gospel Choirs: The one entity that can inspire hope, create world piece, end wars, stop famine, and be a backdrop for the most beautifully hysterical commercial of all time.

This is from the beginning of last season, but I still watch it once a week.

You’ve got to love the fact that Mr. Magoo Samuel Jackson agreed to do this.

The Only Screenshot that Matters:

Let me know if you didn’t like this video, so I can make sure to erase you from my life.

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2 Responses to RISE UP

  1. Jono says:

    Did you see the live version before the Philly game? They even had pre- and post-game interviews with Mr. Jackson on the Falcons’ website. Amazing.

  2. bashe says:

    Yeah, man, like Jono, I feel like the only thing more amazing than this commercial is seeing it LIVE in the Dome, which I was privileged to do last season. Y’can’t get THAT feeling sitting in your den watching it, even on the biggest, most expensive wide-screen possible….

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