Women + Kicks = Yes

I’ve been on a mission since college to make sure every important woman in my life owns 1 awesome pair of high tops. Some are reluctant, some are eager but unsure of which type to get, and some just outright say no.

If I can’t inspire, maybe seeing B get her New Edition on in this sneak-peek to “Love on Top” will do the trick.

side note: for those of you counting out there, Beyonce hasn’t lost since Carmen.

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7 Responses to Women + Kicks = Yes

  1. doctordiscolights says:

    YES. fight the good fight. so far i’m about 3/10 but those are 3 more massive wins for mankind. Nothing better than a lady in some fresh kicks.

  2. Jay says:

    I’m counting. Are we pretending that “Obsessed” didn’t happen? If so I’m totally fine with it – just asking for clarification.

      • Matt says:

        I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad that I had to look up “Obsessed”. Totally unrelated tangent: I was listening to “4” today, is there anyone who says the word “HEY” better than Beyonce? I’m starting to believe that how well one says “HEY” is a swag-o-meter of sorts. Thoughts?

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