The Sort-Of Allen Stone Review

If you don’t know who Allen Stone is, just watch this:

Now that you’ve watched it, you’re hooked. There’s no way around it. He’s a beast.

Anyway, he had a show a few weeks ago at the venue SOBs. Last week, SOBs launched a new, extremely slick music blog and a few days ago, they asked me to write a review of the show.

What they didn’t know was that before Allen ever went on, I had to leave. I missed the entire show. Horrible decision. Luckily, there were wiser individuals present whom I contacted and what resulted was a pretty decent “review” of the Allen Stone show.




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1 Response to The Sort-Of Allen Stone Review

  1. Jeff Smith says:

    I found out about this guy on Sunday and then found out he played 3 nights in a row right before this. Damn.

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