300th Day of Asundering.

Not only do we only have 65 days left in 2011, but this blog only has 200 days left of existence. That’s cray.

It couldn’t have happened on a more appropriate day, either. Got a big shot of publicity from my boss/apparent adopted father, midterms just ended, and this picture of me at my highest/lowest point finishing an article was sent out to about 60 of my closest compadres:

While this is all well and good, it’s also important to note that over the past week or so (directly correlated with midterms), I’ve fallen off a bit. Actually, pretty hard. Luckily, 100% of the people closest to me will always let me know when I’m aggressively slipping. It’s good though. To quote St. Aubrey:

“I had someone tell me I fell off, oh I needed that” – Drizzy, “Headlines”

It’s true. I genuinely needed that. I’m not trying to limp to 500. Not one bit.

Tomorrow marks the rejuvenation of this blog and I’m pretty excited to watch it succeed while my other obligations continue to crumble. Wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m talking:


Posts About Frederick Douglass

Lists on Lists

Interviews of People I Admire

Pictures of my Mom

Sassy Haikus

Homework Assignments Completed in Microsoft Paint

and much, much more…

The continued support is ever appreciated. If you weren’t reading, I’d still be writing, but it’d be much worse.

Thanks all.



Wrote about T.I.’s new book today for Grantland. It’s unbelievable (the book, not the review). Read here.

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4 Responses to 300th Day of Asundering.

  1. Andy says:

    that’s my sweatshirt.

  2. Oliver Cross says:

    not to be a dick, but…”Douglass”

  3. rem – what happened to all of the rejuvination promised by this post? A Deion shout-out and then a week of silence…c’mon man!

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