Lance Berkman: American Hero

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1 Response to Lance Berkman: American Hero

  1. TH says:

    Tweeted you this same message…. what is your evidence that Berkman historically has demonstrated a chip on his shoulder when it comes to teammates receiving more “glory”?
    I read your story on him with interest thinking that this would be a new angle on an athlete that I’ve followed for quite some time. Instead you simply state that “For some time now, Lance Berkman has been in the category of athletes who genuinely believe they were as good as one of their more buzzed-about teammates.” Really? I don’t see it. Where’s the support for this statement?

    While playing at Rice in college his had an incredibly-hyped teammate in Jose Cruz, Jr. With the Astros he had Biggio and Bagwell. I don’t remember hearing even an inkling that Berkman had an issue with this. Even from those quite close to the situation.

    Where did you come up with the angle for this story?

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