Moving Forward

In my first 300 days, this blog had a sole author: Me.

Writing at Grantland, however, has opened my eyes to something much more fun and satisfying: writing with other people. Shooting ideas back and forth, always trying to impress and one-up the other, and trying to come up with the weirdest, coolest end product possible is a fantastic way to create. There’s just nothing better.

While I have spent a good amount of time highlighting other people’s works, I’m much more excited to actually showcase talented people by letting their words shine, instead of just talking about them.

This is going to be fun. Sorry it took me 300 days to figure this out. Only child. My b.

First stab at this = this week w/ Jozen Cummings. Things of the Jordan Commercial-persuasion. Guaranteed to be highly emotional.

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