What Are They Looking At?

Yesterday, NYMag reported that Reggie Love is leaving the White House as Obama’s BFFForever. They dedicated a slideshow to their relationship. The image below is one of the photos.

I saw this and immediately thought:


The NYMag sidebar mentions “David After Dentist” as the culprit, but I know that koolaid smile Reggie’s got, and it’s definitely not for “David After Dentist”. As to get to the bottom of this, I immediately sent out an email and the responses couldn’t have been more epic. The two (very different) finalists:

1. This Maury Povich Moment

Submitted by J. Lowe

Defense by Mr. Lowe:

 I’m happy to take the time to write you back with what I am POSITIVE is the video that they are watching. They’ve all seen it before, and so they know what they are about to see, but the real excitement hasn’t begun yet. They are probably right at second :04, and they are about to be rolling on the floor laughing aka ROFLing.


2. This Arsenio Hall Moment

Submitted by C. Ryan

 Defense by Mr. Browne

You know how older people still don’t understand that everything from the past has made it onto YouTube. I bet Obama and Gibbs were talking smack about Clinton and one of them brought up the Arsenio episode. Obama probably said, “Gosh, what I would give to watch that right now.” Reggie, being the 80s baby that he is, hears this, pulls out a laptop and within 90 seconds is taking these old fellas down memory lane. What a bensch (Black Mensch, duh)

I’m not picking a winner. It’s Friday. The winner isn’t important, but please know that the answer is one of these two. #pleasebemaury #pleasebemaury

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1 Response to What Are They Looking At?

  1. calvdart says:

    YES YES YES. I’ve watched that Maury clip 4 times in the past week, no joke. I haven’t seen that Clinton clip in years, so dope.

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