An 137-Word Time Capsule

Every now and then, someone sends me an email, wanting to vent about how wrong/right one of my blog posts is. Usually it’s about either the Outkast or Jay brackets. I got one a few weeks ago, and what came with this email was a paragraph that made me happier than pretty much anything, even though the point was to tell me I was wrong in my decision-making process.


Then Player’s Ball dropped right before Christmas. Everything I knew and everyone I knew changed instantly. Real hip-hop artists that sounded like me and talked about things that I talked about.

The part where T-Boz says:

 “The playas in Decatur”

I just beamed with pride. Everybody couldn’t wait till that ‘Kast dropped.

In Freaknik ’94, the OutKast promotional van pulls up as I’m trying to convince somebody’s daughter to give me their phone number. I sprinted to the truck, and never did get that phone number. I ended up getting five cassettes 6 weeks before you could buy the album.

Two weeks later, I had the entire tape memorized; I still have it memorized to this day. I have been hooked on OutKast ever since.

All of that was to given to say, “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzic” was not OutKast’s best single.


There is a fat tear about to fall out of my left eye.

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