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About That Life

I’ve done two things thus far in my adult career. How they ended: First job: Fired after 9 months (via email), June 2010. Graduate school: Withdrew with 8 months left, December 2011. On paper, there is a lot of negative … Continue reading

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300+ Days In The Making

The inspiration for tomorrow’s final post. Friday. 2pm. Done. See you on the other side.

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The Guide To 24 Hours in Atlanta

I received this kind alert this morning. As rude as Mr. Lane sounds, I deserved it. First off, I publicly called him a coward some 72 hours prior for having a protected Twitter account (like a coward), but secondly because … Continue reading

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Introducing: Tubetops

Most of my close friends that are achieving success in the music arena began their journey long before we met. With Andy Suzuki & The Method, they created a following back at their days at Brown University. 3/4ths of Filligar, … Continue reading

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The Final Days.

500 Days Asunder 1/1/11 – 12/9/11 Yep. Friday’s the end of the road. This little blog that lost me a job w/ the President of the United States of America has gotten me a real job at Grantland. So yeah. … Continue reading

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Literary Mashup: The New Inquiry vs. Bennett

The two most buzzed about pieces of my day have been about the youth of America. The first is The New York Times┬ápiece on The New Inquiry, a online literary journal run by bright twentysomethings seeking to create an alternative … Continue reading

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Conversing with the Blacks on Thanksgiving: A Look Back

Over the past 4 years, my cousin Erin and I have been chronicling the conversations of my family over Thanksgiving. The fam has, and never will, let us down. We have continuously decided to make the gross generalization that our … Continue reading

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