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Introducing: Tubetops

Most of my close friends that are achieving success in the music arena began their journey long before we met. With Andy Suzuki & The Method, they created a following back at their days at Brown University. 3/4ths of Filligar, … Continue reading

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Atlantans are Georgians Too

I have probably uttered the phrase “I’m not from Georgia, I’m from Atlanta” over 1000 times in my life. I say that, because 1) I’m proud to be from Atlanta more often than not and 2) I’m embarrased to be … Continue reading

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Cameos For Days

When I’ve been asked to be someone’s music video, they don’t have to explain what it is they want from me. I know. We all know. 2 Reasons. -Reason 1: High booty. It’s an evolutionary advancement that i’m sure your … Continue reading

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Seconds Away — Young Scolla

Earlier in 2011, I remember getting an email from my lifelong friends Mike and Blake (of SMKA) about donating to project they were working on. Myself, along with 120 others (one of which was my mom) helped them raise $4,500, … Continue reading

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The Greatest Team Ever Assembled.

This, my friends, is the most diabolically talented junior high basketball team ever assembled. Many of you will read this and think, “absolutely not, my squad was so much better than this ragtag group of chumps”. Well, you’re wrong, Bradley … Continue reading

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Another Fallen Soldier

This is Sarah Chavey This is also Sarah Chavey This, too, is Sarah Chavey Once again, Sarah Chavey Finally, this is Sarah Chavey My worst enemy, Los Angeles, is stealing her away from me and the rest of NYC… in … Continue reading

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1 Plug for Me, 1 Plug for Not Me

Me first, obviously. I’m back on the Twitters. After accidentally deactivating my account and spending a month trying to love Google+, I gave in and registered a new account. @RembertManX If you immediately recognize this as a shoutout to your … Continue reading

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