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Come ON, AJC.

I remember a time, long ago, when the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was a beautiful newspaper.  I remember walking to the top of the driveway, picking up the 45lb Sunday paper, and reading it from front to back while my mom cut … Continue reading

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Atlanta’s Greatest Black History Hits/Misses — RESULTS

I’ve never been more excited to present data in my life. For the 45 of you that did complete my survey, THANK YOU.  A voluptuous fruit basket will be sent to your anonymous household within the next two weeks. For … Continue reading

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Ever heard of the 100-Year Flood?  You know, the great flood that is predicted to occur once a century, leading to massive amounts of destruction, chaos, etc. Ever heard of the 16-Year Stankfest?  Of course you have.  For clarification’s sake, … Continue reading

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“Atlanta”, by Urban Dictionary.

There are a great number of things on the internet that I think should not exist (Youtube commenting, de-tagging Facebook photos, CNN).  UrbanDictionary.com, however, is not one of those things.  I think it’s one of the most beautiful user-driven websites … Continue reading

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So Embarrassed.

I depend a great deal on the internet to keep up with the city that concerns me the most, Atlanta, Georgia.  Sure I claw my eyes out while sashaying around typos read the Atlanta Journal-Constituation and a few blogs, but … Continue reading

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I Like Friends That Are Good At Stuff

Happy Tuesday from my current home, Harlemmmmmmmm. Atlanta for 2 weeks was beautiful and further reminded me of all the unbelievably talented friends I have there. Over time, unless they get less talented in the near future, many of them … Continue reading

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My First Memory

Item: 1991 Atlanta Braves National League Championship Sweatshirt Purchased: October 2007 — White River Junction, Vermont Worth to Me: $500,000.00 Price: $4.25 In 1991, I thought my name was “Lambert” instead of “Rembert”.  I did, however, know that I was … Continue reading

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