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The Prep School Negro

I think this tweet much sums up last night: I saw a documentary last night and while it was a very provocative film, the discussion afterwards is what truly made the evening worthwhile. The Prep School Negro is a documentary … Continue reading

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N-Words Everywhere

Eight months ago, I was riding the train and overheard a pretty vocal argument/conversation between three guys: a Black guy, a White guy, and a Hispanic guy. I forgot what they were arguing about, but each guy was referring to … Continue reading

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Top 5 Things That Could’ve Ended Homophobia in the Black Community

I know I said “Top 10” earlier, but I can tell this is going to get sort of lengthy, so let’s stick to 5.  Don’t be upset, if this goes where I think it’ll go, you’ll be satisfied.  Great Talk. … Continue reading

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A Confession.

There are those times in your life where you have to just stand up, make an unpopular declaration, and ultimately deal with the consequences. Whether they be the loss of friends, declining respect from your peers, or a swift dismissal … Continue reading

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3 Holiday Thoughts

I wish I could kick Elijah Mohammed in the neck.  Roundhouse. I know it’s early, but for Halloween 2011 I need 9 for Cosby Show/7 for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air/4 for Martin/16 for A Different World/242 for Soul Food … Continue reading

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