When one attends an event that says “open to all ages” and “free”, especially when that event is a concert, in the summer, in New York, and poorly policed, there are some things that should be expected.

The #1 thing on that list is the presence of thousands of extremely inebriated children, usually wearing some toxic combination of cargo shorts, snapback hats, and braces.

While the majority of the crowd looked like this:

I mostly felt like this:

With that said, I had a phenomenal time. The music was unbelievable, but there were multiple times when a 15 year old boy would push me and I had the urge to turn around and tell him that clear braces aren’t actually cool, it just makes you look like you have food in your teeth.

But I took the high road. Because I wasn’t born in 1996. Sigh.

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